Jung Process Systems

Jung Process Systems

Jung Process Systems is a German manufacturer of the HYGHSPIN series – twin screw pumps known for their hygienic, high performance and gentle treatment of aqueous or viscous media. These pumps are specially designed for the food & beverage, dairy, confectionary, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. We have taken up sole distributorship in India in 2015.



General Features

    • Pumps aqueous or highly viscous media.
    • High suction performance.
    • Product and CIP can be handled with only one pump.
    • Pumping of fibrous media and products containing pieces.
    • Abrasion-free gentle treatment: no contact between feeding elements.
    • Supply rates up to 200 m3/hr.
    • EHEDG and GOST-R certified.
    • Simple assembly and disassembly.