KAESER COMPRESSORS (India) Pvt. Ltd offers products, services and complete systems for the generation, treatment and delivery of energy in the form of compressed air. The system solutions aim at optimal economy and efficiency. The innovative products and services of outstanding quality provided by KAESER assist the compressed air user in strengthening competitive capability.



Air Compression Equipment

    • 80 years of experience manufacturing rotary screw compressors, rotary blowers, dryers and filters.
    • Complete compressed air treatment systems available.
    • Patented technology giving high efficiency compression, with longest maintenance intervals.
    • 2.2 – 22 kW single stage air-cooled compressors with belt drive,
    • 18.5 – 500 kW single stage air-cooled compressors 1:1 drive.
    • Delivery 0.26 – 86 m3/min; standard pressures: 5.5 – 15 bar.
    • Efficient variable speed rotary screw compressors.